I am abundantly grateful for the guidance of Andrea & AJ in the healing process! As a team, they possess complimentary gifts that provide a wholeness to their work. For me, the healing process served as a road map of remembering truth that lead me back to my heart as center and my core identity as a connection to Source(God). A journey of clearing outdated beliefs and exploring emotional triggers that build a less than whole identity based on perception through the lense of past experiences. I honestly had no idea how much emotional charges from my past experiences were deciding my life choices and therefore my reality effecting relationships with others and myself! In clearing charges through this process I have gained a stance of neutrality, without pre-set knee jerk responses, and with that comes true choice! To work with practitioners that lovingly guide you to explore both the light & the dark within, and feel safe to dive into perceived darkness to reveal the light, was an amazing, challenging and enlightening process! What a blessing!”
— Amie | Samammish, WA
“Andrea is amazing! She works more like a therapist and has an incredible gift to see what needs healing and how to guide you through it. She has such intuitive skills that are really kind of magical. If you’re wanting some healing,I cannot recommend her enough. Her heart is HUGE for this work and I trust her wisdom absolutely. What’s also unique about her is her genuine love for her clients. It shines through her gentle supportive ways that made me feel very loved in the process.”
— Michelle Farris, MFT | San Jose, CA